I love it

When your town or city does not tell you they are going to flush their water supply, your bottled water company at Blue Forest has you covered. This water is properly priced if not underpriced, and they even deliver on Saturdays. This really nice and professional guy named Walt always delivers to us at the same time every time unless something bad happens like his car fails, and but then he calls me and tells me what happened, and then delivers when his car is up. Through rain, snow, sleet or hail, Walt delivers the wonderful product that I love! The water is thirst quenching and I love it.

Ellen C.

I’ve been a customer now 5 years!

I researched all bottled water delivery businesses before deciding on Blue Forest.  They are local in Brevard County, Veteran owned and they offer distilled water when other do not offer distilled at all.  Their customer service has always been perfect, friendly, never late and I will be a customer for life.  I can not drink the local tap water.  I order a mix of distilled and spring water.  They both have their benefits. It’s great to have hot tea or cold water and saves money. Kids don’t drink soda any more.  My Girl Scout Troops loved that I had the water cooler in my home.  My Husband now loves it too, so our coffee, tea everything is made with Blue Forest Water.  I’m so glad I took the time to do the research and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve been a customer now I believe 5 years!

Melissa B.

Thank you Blue Forest

Their water is the best!  The delivery guy is almost always on time and very consistent.  It tastes great!  My boys love it.  We all love to have cold water without worrying about drinking city water with dumped medications in it or even because we’re so close to the rockets, rocket fuel. Our health has all improved because we drink more water now.  Thank you Blue Forest!!!

Ellen C.

always ready to please

We have been using Blue Forest Bottled Water for a couple of years now and they are always pleasant, on time with our bi-weekly delivery’s and always ready to please.  I  plan to continue doing business with them as usual.

Nancy B.

water tastes wonderful

The water tastes wonderful and delivery was always right on time and what we needed.  The cooler we had would do hot or cold water but we only used the cold side.  Never had a problem with the cooler not working and needing service.

Molly B.

Great water… great price!

Great water… great price!  I recently signed up for recurring delivery of 5 gallon water jugs in the Melbourne area.  The water tastes great and I am pleased with the service so far.  I highly recommend!

Rocky L.

Water is great tasting

Water is great tasting and delivery is very good.I will continue to get my water from these folks.

Molly B.

Awesome relationship with the folks at Blue Forest

Awesome relationship with the folks at Blue Forest. We have had service with them for about a year now and are extremely happy with the convenience and unbelievable response we receive from both Steve and Nathan. We have never had a problem and both are incredibly pleasant and proactive about checking in…i.e. if our driver is out for vacation, he is certain to check in to let us know so we can plan ahead or if other accommodations might be made. Delivery is always on-time and truthfully it’s just an easy no-brainer. Doorstep delivery (since that’s what we chose) and plenty of supplies for those “just in case” scenarios (we have a hard time keeping up with our emergency kits!) keep us loyal and happy. It’s not always easy to find folks willing to go the extra mile, but Blue Forest does. Oh, and did I mention how awesome the water is and how important it is to us to support a local business—especially one veteran owned? Icing on the cake!

Diane W.

Blue Forest Water well deserves a 5 star rating

Blue Forest Water well deserves a 5 star rating.  Their product and service is everything they promise.    Our delivery driver is very reliable and at the same time, polite and friendly.  I would not hesitate to recommend Blue Forest to anyone looking for a good water delivery service.

Rosemary H.

Great water, greater service!

There are very few bottled water home delivery service for Merritt Island, luckily we found Blue Forest. We are very pleased with the quality of the water and the customer service, also happy to support a local small business.

Wendy Li