Awesome relationship with the folks at Blue Forest

Water is great tasting
April 16, 2017
Blue Forest Water well deserves a 5 star rating
May 31, 2017

Awesome relationship with the folks at Blue Forest. We have had service with them for about a year now and are extremely happy with the convenience and unbelievable response we receive from both Steve and Nathan. We have never had a problem and both are incredibly pleasant and proactive about checking in…i.e. if our driver is out for vacation, he is certain to check in to let us know so we can plan ahead or if other accommodations might be made. Delivery is always on-time and truthfully it’s just an easy no-brainer. Doorstep delivery (since that’s what we chose) and plenty of supplies for those “just in case” scenarios (we have a hard time keeping up with our emergency kits!) keep us loyal and happy. It’s not always easy to find folks willing to go the extra mile, but Blue Forest does. Oh, and did I mention how awesome the water is and how important it is to us to support a local business—especially one veteran owned? Icing on the cake!