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Home delivery of our Blue Forest Water

About Our Water...


Where does it come from?

Our water comes from Keystone Water Company, LLC. in Lake Placid, Florida. It is the major wholesaler in Southern Florida for many of the independent bottled water companies in the area. All of their bottled water products start with pure spring water from Kelly Springs, a spring known for its low number of total dissolved solids (TDS). TDS of the spring varies from as low as 19 to as high as 38 parts per million.

Kelly Springs is located on 61 pristine acres in Highlands County, Florida. Of those 61 acres, 46 acres are left in their natural state to provide a natural environmental buffer for the spring. The spring water is pumped from four protected wells through a bank of five micron particulate filters, one micron HYTREX cartridge filter and one micron polypropylene extended life particulate filter. The micro filtered water passes through an ultra-violet light disinfection system into the tanker truck for delivery to the plant or into the storage tanks at the site. These storage tanks then feed each of the different systems to manufacture the desired type of water whether it be spring or deionized.

Keystone delivers the water to us, then we deliver it to you!

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